Comebak Return Conveyor


  • Roller Lengths — Return 17″L
  • MaxDrive System — No welded bands on rollers<
  • Infeed Roller
  • 1HP 3 Phase Variable-Speed Drive
  • Steel rollers
  • Photoelectric Sensor
  • Plastic Chain for Lateral Parts Transfer from Receiver to Return Section
  • Remote Control–Standard Operations: START-STOP-SPEED
  • Hinged Swing-Out Return or Pinned Roll-Away
  • 32″-42″ Standard Height; Receiver-Adjustable Legs/ Return-Lockable Casters
  • Voltage & Amp Requirements: 230V / 3PH @ 10 Amps 460V / 3PH @ 6 Amps
  • 110V/1Ph Motor & Controls
  • 2HP on Larger Units
  1. A feed roller guides parts onto the receiver.
  2. (SP) Stripper Plate is retracted under fence, or (TR) Receiver roller bed is lowered under chain transfer level.
  3. The process is continuous, so parts may be butt-fed!

  • MaxDrive System for a lifetime of low maintenance operation (NO RUBBERBANDS TO WELD!)
  • Urethane Infeed Roller ensures total part acceptance
  • Torque-Sensing Clutch exactly matches the speed of your processing machine
  • Acetal (Plastic) Chain for low impact, long life lateral part transfers
  • Variable Speed for instantaneous speed adjustment at the operator’s fingertips
  • Variable-Speed Rollers so the roller speed can match speed of processing machine
  • Swing-Out Return gives easy access to your processing machine for maintenance or adjustments
  • Continuous Process allows butt-fed parts
Mobile Return / Hinged Swing-Out or Pinned Roll-Away


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