Cutbak Return Conveyor


  • MaxDrive — No welded bands on rollers to constantly replace
  • Powered Urethane Sleeved Infeed Roller
  • Variable Frequency Drive for adjustable speed or speed matching
  • 2″ or 2-1/2″ Diameter Steel Rollers
  • Photoelectric Infeed Sensor
  • Steel Transfer Chains Standard (Other Options Are Available)
  • Remote Control — Standard Operators: START-STOP-SPEED
  • PLC Controlled with Adjustable Settings
  • Hinged Powered Swing-Out Return or Pinned Roll-Away
  • 32″-42″ Standard Height, Receiver-Adjustable legs, Return-Lockable Casters
  • Voltage & Amp Requirements: 230V / 3Ph @ 10 Amps 460V / 3Ph @ 6 Amps
  • 1-2HP Motor & Drive
  • Air Requirement: 90lbs @ 10CFM
  • 110V/1PH Drives (1 & 2 HP)
  • Custom Sizes and Configurations
  • 2-1/2″ Dia. Steel Rollers
  • 2HP Drive for Larger Units
  • Plastic Chain and Urethane Belts
  1. Photo eye detects the trailing edge of parts coming from a machine. This causes the receiver rollers to lower.
  2. Urethane belts move the parts sideways to the return section.
  3. After the part leaves the receiver section, the rollers raise and the cycle is repeated.

  • PLC Control — For precise machine operation and adjustability
  • UHMW Lined Steel Slides — Low friction surface for steel transfer chains
  • Variable Speed Rollers — Roller speed can match speed of processing machine
  • Portable Remote Control — Place anywhere for easy access by operator
  • Swingout Section with Lockable Casters — Quick access to processing machine

Receiver Section Showing Infeed Roller and Photo Eye.

Swing Out Return for Easy Saw Access

The MaxDrive system consists of a series of pulleys and a
Urethane V-belt which drive the rollers from underneath.
There are no “O” Ring Bands to constantly replace.


LCD Display
Auto feeding
Cross Dado Machine
Gang Drill Machine