Sandbak Return Conveyor


  • Roller Drive System – Reliable Max Drive System
  • PLC Controlled
  • Two-Inch Roller Spacing for Small Parts (Pwrd Roller, Filler, Pwrd Roller)
  • Urethane Transfer Belts
  • Slip Together Return Drive Shaft Couplings for Easy Installation
  • Steel Rollers with PVC Sleeve
  • Air Requirement: 90lbs @ 10cfm
  • Horsepower: 1-2HP (Depending on Size)
  • Adjustable Std Height 32′′ to 40′′
  • Heavy Duty Frame – 2′′ Structural Steel Tubing with Adjustable Jack Legs
  • HMI Operator Interface Remote
  • Speed Matched Variable Speed Drive (0-120fpm)
460 Volts
    • 3 Phase
    • 60 Hertz
    • 6 Amps
230 Volts
    • 3 Phase
    • 60 Hertz
    • 10 Amps
  • Horsepower:
    • 1 HP (up to 20 ft of Powered Return)
    • 2 HP (more than 20 ft of Powered Return)
  • Air Requirements:
    • 90lbs @ 10CFM
  • Urethane or UHMW covered rollers
  • LED Roller Speed Readout
  • Expandable Bridge
  1. Photo Eye detects trailing edge of part.
  2. Receiver Infeed Section lowers onto cross belts which move part laterally to return side.
  3. Part is returned to operator while Receiver Infeed Section raises to repeat cycle.

  • Teflon-Lined Steel Slides — Move parts easily and are very durable.
  • Custom sizes available for any machine size or part size.
  • Urethane Infeed Roller helps pull parts from processing machine.

Urethane transfer belts move parts easily.


The MaxDrive system consists of a series of pulleys and rubber belts
which drive the rollers from underneath. There are no urethane bands to weld.


LCD Display
Auto feeding
Cross Dado Machine
Gang Drill Machine