Board Flippers

Transfer Conveyor with Built in Board Flipper

  • Used for Wood Flooring, Wood Trim, Postage, and Glass
  • Servo/Planetary controlled turn
  • Down to 1⁄2 second incremental wheel indexing
  • Paired with Infeed and Outfeed Roller Sections
  • PVC sleeved 1.9” roller infeed and outfeed typical
  • Max Drive Under Roller V-Belt Drive (No O-rings)
  • HDPE Steel backed rotary wheels
  • Customizable to fit product needs
  • Infeed speed rates of up to 225 fpm (higher rates with ramping infeed conveyors)
  • Heavy duty square tubing frame with adjustable legs
  • Pathline capabilities tied to product width
  • Infeed, Outfeed, and In Place Product sensors
  • Urethane Sleeved 1.9” Rollers
  • Allen Bradley Controls Upgrade
  • Transfer bridges with Urethane V-belts
  • Canted roller infeed or outfeed roller beds
  • Padded product clamping for high-speed product needs
  • Custom bridge widths for infeed/outfeed machine
  • Belted or roller infeed/outfeed configurations
  • Lateral pass thru option
  1. Infeed Sensor detects leading edge and then trailing edge of product.
  2. Servo then indexes the HDPE wheel one slot which in turn allows the product on the opposite side of the pickup wheel to exit laterally or lineally depending upon process.
  3. In place sensors will detect that product has left and will index again once the signal initiates that another item is ready to index.
  4. Some high speed situations will call for a clamping process to take place while indexing the wheel up.

208/ 230 / 240 Volts

  • 3 Phase
  • 60Hz
  • 6Amps

440 / 460 / 480 Volts

  • 3 Phase
  • 60Hz
  • 6Amps